Business Introduction

WashingCeramic ProcessingR&DMetal Processing


In our new factory that began operations in November 2010, we clean metal products with equipment that our competitors do not possess. In addition, we have set up a new clean room to carry out product assembly.

  • Ultra-precision cleaning and assembly in a clean room (class 1000)

Ceramic Processing

We have established our own unique ceramic processing technologies through many years of research and development. All our products are manufactured by processing machines we have created inside our firm through our exceptional expertise that cannot be replicated by other companies. These advanced technologies have attracted the attention of not only those connected with industry but also those involved in medical care, so our potential to move into various new fields in the future has been expanding significantly.

  • Ceramic, metal and machine parts manufacturing


We are developing ceramics which further advanced the characteristics of ceramics. We expect these to be used in all fields in the next generation. We plan to proactively advance into the medical field in the future by taking advantage of these development capabilities. Our unique ultra-fine ceramic processing technologies will expand the range of activities in the medical field and play an active role that the world requires.

  • R&D, prototypes and in-house manufactured goods (manufacture and sales)
  • Raw materials: Ceramic and metal manufacturing
  • We have acquired approval to manufacture medical devices

Metal Processing

We have commercialized the ultra-fine processing of aluminum, difficult-to-cut materials, titanium and more in accordance with the needs of our customers because we are fully equipped with high-speed machining centers, NC combined lathes, surface, cylindrical and inner surface grinders, wires and electrical discharge processing, as well as a great variety of other equipment. We are a professional group that processes metal with our engineers who have accumulated a vast wealth of experience and our exceptional development capabilities.

  • Design and ultra-precision parts manufacturing
  • Ultra-precision and ultra-fine metal mold design and manufacture